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  1. How Not To Solve a CTF Challenge II

    I had to head into work this weekend to prepare for some upcoming travel, so I originally had no plans to play any CTFs. But, when Skolor told me there was a Ruby challenge in the Tokyo Westerns CTF 2016, I knew I had to check it out. Despite my insistence that Ruby is better than Python, I always seem to struggle with Ruby challenges. Sadly, this one was no different...

  2. DEFCON 15: kimjong

    DEFCON 15's kimjong service is one of my favorites. When I was part of the Whitehatters Computer Security Club at USF, it was the first "real" CTF binary I had experience with. It's also very simple and "textbook", which makes it a great introductory challenge.


    Over the past 6 years, I've been collecting pieces of the DEFCON CTF's past and attempting to preserve them in a way that will allow future generations to enjoy the game. With the conclusion of DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge and the start of DEFCON 24's CTF Finals, I'm releasing what I have. It's not 100% finished (I've been way too busy lately), but it is usable!

  4. Hell, It's About Time!

    I am pleased to announce that, after nearly 5 years of procrastination, I have finally set a blog up on my actual domain name!

  5. Quixotically Speaking Lyrics

    Ran across Quixotically Speaking by Mr. Bill (featuring Ill-esha) the other day and can't get it out of my head. Just like City Lights last year, I tried to look up lyrics, but couldn't find any. Once again, here's my best attempt at figuring them out on my own!