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  1. How Not To Solve a CTF Challenge II

    I had to head into work this weekend to prepare for some upcoming travel, so I originally had no plans to play any CTFs. But, when Skolor told me there was a Ruby challenge in the Tokyo Westerns CTF 2016, I knew I had to check it out. Despite my insistence that Ruby is better than Python, I always seem to struggle with Ruby challenges. Sadly, this one was no different...

  2. DEFCON 15: kimjong

    DEFCON 15's kimjong service is one of my favorites. When I was part of the Whitehatters Computer Security Club at USF, it was the first "real" CTF binary I had experience with. It's also very simple and "textbook", which makes it a great introductory challenge.


    Over the past 6 years, I've been collecting pieces of the DEFCON CTF's past and attempting to preserve them in a way that will allow future generations to enjoy the game. With the conclusion of DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge and the start of DEFCON 24's CTF Finals, I'm releasing what I have. It's not 100% finished (I've been way too busy lately), but it is usable!

  4. Hell, It's About Time!

    I am pleased to announce that, after nearly 5 years of procrastination, I have finally set a blog up on my actual domain name!

  5. Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds

    We had so much fun at the last video game concert we attended that I bought tickets for another! This time, it was Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds at the Mahaffey Theater in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

  6. Quixotically Speaking Lyrics

    Ran across Quixotically Speaking by Mr. Bill (featuring Ill-esha) the other day and can't get it out of my head. Just like City Lights last year, I tried to look up lyrics, but couldn't find any. Once again, here's my best attempt at figuring them out on my own!

  7. Enchroma Sunglasses

    If you didn't know already: I'm colorblind. Unlike other disabilities, being colorblind is mostly just randomly frustrating, but it does have real consequences (RIP all those Game Boy Advanced game saves). Fortunately, there are people working on cool stuff like the Enchroma Sunglasses to help people like me out! They're a bit pricey for sunglasses, but that's apparently what family is for: I got a pair for Christmas!

  8. The Pwn Adventure Z Soundtrack

    As I mentioned earlier, I worked with the Vector 35 guys this year on an incredibly awesome video game titled Pwn Adventure Z. This being my first time truly scoring a video game, it was quite the experience. Also, since PWNZ is an NES game, this meant me and my music production hobby had to time-travel 30 years in the past, too!

  9. Mists of Pandaria Raid Content Cleared

    We made it! Against the odds, Blackfathom Deep Dish has finally finished all but present-day raid content. Back when Mists of Pandaria was released, I started and quit playing (again) within the first two month or so. Having now been back through it all, I kinda wish I had stuck it out. This was easily the best expansion after Wrath of the Lich King.

  10. Pwn Adventure Z

    I'm pleased to announce the release of Vector 35's newest game - Pwn Adventure Z: Bearly Alive! I teased its release a few weeks ago. Now that CSAW 2015 Finals are over, Jordan, Rusty, and Peter have made the decision to not only release the game, but open-source the entire thing!