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A Brand New Car!

After driving up to New York two weeks ago in our 2012 Honda Fit, we decided to sell it and buy a brand new 2016 Honda HR-V. One day before driving to Vermont for Kestrel's family reunion. Yes, we apparently like to tempt fate.

We actually tried to find an HR-V in Florida before heading up north. We've been in the northeast during winter snowstorms the last three years, though, so we wanted All-Wheel Drive. No one cares about that in Florida...

In any case, we managed to have a few thousand dollars in equity on our 2012 Honda Fit (they're evidently very popular used vehicles), so the deal went smoothly. In fact, the only hard part was deciding what color we wanted (compounded by the availability of new HR-Vs being limited). I settled on a light silver, which I think looks classy. Of course, we got it in dark green. In the end, it turns out I wanted exactly what my wife wanted. Who knew?

2016 Honda HR-V
Our new 2016 Honda HR-V!

The HR-V itself drives and feels remarkably like the Fit, with a few exceptions. The major upgrades are the larger wheelbase and the extra height off the ground that make for a smoother ride. The front seats are also a bit roomier, which is pleasant. It also, of course, has 4 years of scary (and likely super-vulnerable) technological additions that I've yet to fully explore.

So far, we're happy with the purchase. We'll see if we stay that way after putting 2,000+ miles on it over the next week.

UPDATE (2015-07-08): We're still happy! The return trip was a much smoother drive (and, as a bonus, the car doesn't appear to be a lemon).

The HR-V is supposed to have slightly extra storage space, but...it didn't feel much larger. I'd managed to pack about 3 weeks of stuff for people and dogs (plus the two dogs themselves) into the Honda Fit for the trip up. Packing the HR-V for the way back left me with the exact same configuration of boxes/suitcases/dog beds. There was a bit more slack space (and perhaps more "head room" for the dogs), though.

As a result, I can definitely recommend the HR-V over the Fit if you're looking to be higher off the road and/or wanting a smoother ride. I can't really recommend it simply for extra interior space, though.