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Blackfathom Deep Dish

I'm happy to announce the formation of our new World of WarCraft guild pizzeria: Blackfathom Deep Dish!

The founding of BFDD
Look what the tides of March washed in!

After re-subscribing last year, many of my friends and family did as well. Unfortunately, none of us have wanted to transfer all of our characters onto a common server. To get around the problem (and also address the serious lack of interesting end-game content in Warlords of Draenor), Skolor and I decided we should create a new guild with the following rules:

  • Everyone rolls a new character on US-Turalyon (Alliance)
  • We treat the entire game as progression (starting with leveling in dungeons and raiding Molten Core at level 60)
  • Raid times are Monday and Thursday, 7-10pm EST (and we expect all high-ranking members to have good attendance)

Blackfathom Deep Dish logo

We're just getting started, so we're still looking for more players. If you're interested, please let me know! We plan on leveling from 10-60 as a large group during our raid nights starting on March 26th.