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Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island

Ghost in the Shellcode is pleased to announce the release of the sequel to last year's smash-hit hacking game: Pwn Adventure 3: Pwnie Island! I've created a stand-alone site for it this year, so please head over there for more information and download links.

Just like its predecessor, Pwn Adventure 3 is an intentionally-hackable MMO created almost entirely by the genius mind of Rusty Wagner. I only really impacted the final result with music, puns, and testing (aside from reprising my "Customer Support" role on IRC during the upcoming competition, of course). My wife also provided custom graphics again (including the awesome logo). So, please - give him all your praise! I'm just here to spread the word.

Unlike last year, this year's game was created in Unreal 4. As a result, you'll need a disassembler (I suggest a demo of IDA Pro) if you want to statically view the underlying code of the hackable DLL. The challenges can largely be solved with approaches similar to last year's, but with the added difficulty of not being able to decompile things (easily).

Good luck!

UPDATE (2015-04-22): Rusty and the game are in Wired Magazine!

UPDATE (2015-07-29): Rusty and Jordan presented Pwn Adventure 3 at Infiltrate 2015! Highly recommend watching their presentation (titled "Hacking Games in a Hacked Game").