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CEO 2017

It's June, which means it's time for my favorite major fighting game tournament: CEO! This year, I registered for Melee, Sm4sh, and SFV. Unfortunately, right before the event...I got sick. So, unlike the last two blog posts I made about this event, this one will be short.

I showed up part-way through Saturday for my Sm4sh pool, A5, which started at 11:00. I decided to play Toon Link this year since I'm confident I've hit a wall with my Yoshi. My first game against my first opponent, timeforcheese, went alright and was fairly close. Sadly, I find Fox players to be difficult to play against, and game 2 was a pretty convincing win on his part. My second match was against Strong Bad, a former Project Melee developer, who beat both my Toon Link and my Yoshi in pretty convincing fashion with his Diddy Kong.

Since my play was deteriorating and I was clearly not well, I drove home after my Sm4sh matches. My Melee pool, D3 wasn't scheduled till 5:00 PM and I simply didn't want to sit around that long. I also felt bad being around healthy people and didn't want to cause anyone else to get sick later.

Since I didn't feel any better by the next day, I didn't show up for my SFV pool (H4) at noon, either. I also realized after-the-fact that I probably couldn't have played anyway. I hadn't read the rules closely enough to know that CEO uses PS4's for SFV. I play with an XBox One controller, rather than a fight stick, so I wouldn't have had a compatible controller. I hadn't registered expecting to win (I'm still ranked Rookie), but would have still been upset to not get to play if I'd been well. So, in that sense, I guess being sick was all well and good.

Anyway, I'm extremely disappointed things didn't work out this year. But, hopefully next year will see me in better health at this point.